Kelly Snair's Classroom


    Hello!  My name is Kelly Snair, and I have been teaching here in Marlow for ten years.  I received both my Bachelor and Masters of Arts in Teaching degrees from UNH, in 1998 and 2002.  In the past, I have taught  different configurations of grades K -2  here at Perkins Academy.
  I currently teach grades one and two.    My family consists of my husband of 33 years, my son Bobby, my daughter Kassidy, and my daughter Kaelyn.  We also have a horse, two cats, a goat, and a dog.  We live in Washington and enjoy many summer days at the lake.
     I love the small family feel of our special school, and the bond that we share with the community of Marlow.  I love the small class sizes and the focus that allows us to have with each and every student.  Because our school is small and rural, we as teachers get to know ALL the students in our school and not just our class of students.  Perkins Academy is surely a very special place to learn, grow, and work.  I feel honored to consider myself a part of Perkins Academy.