As part of our focus on educating for sustainability, the school integrates the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards under BIG topic ideas.  Each age group, examines these BIG ideas through developmentally appropriate lessons.  

For 2017-2018, the BIG topics are: 

 Term 1 - Balance and Harmony;

Term 2 - A World of Change 

Term 3 - The Circle of Life

For 2018-2019, the BIG topics will be:

Term 1 - Our Big Backyard

Term 2 - Energy

Term 3 - Climate and Change

Due to the fact that the Perkins uses multi-age groupings, the teachers adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of the particular class for that year while providing the students with the skills they need for the Smarter Balanced  Assessment given to grades 3-6 in the spring of each year.

English Language Arts: Reading and Writing

The teachers at the Perkins use a workshop approach to Reading and Writing. This means that each instructional time begins with a focus lesson and then students go and work on assignments to practice skills independently. The teachers meet with small groups or with individual students to provide guided instruction in areas which the students may need. The skills and strategies taught for each grade level follow the Common Core standards for ELA in both the areas of Writing and Reading. The teachers use the Fountas/Pinnell Leveling system to monitor the student’s progress throughout the year. Students have at least 90 minutes of reading/writing instruction every day.


At Perkins Academy, we use the Go Math® program which is aligned with the Common Core.  This is the school’s third year of implementation. It is an engaging, yet a rigorous program that helps ALL students meet the challenges of the 21st math instruction every day.


At Perkins Academy, our current science curriculum is based on the Next Generation Science Standards for each grade level.  

Social Studies
At Perkins Academy, we continue to use the NH State Standards for Social Studies and integrate them into the BIG topics for that year.