Monday, 11/2/2020 - SAU29 COVID-19 Update

Good Afternoon,


Going to lead off this week’s update with the Community Transmission slides I shared last week. You’ll notice that, except Cheshire County, the entire state of New Hampshire is now in the yellow or red, in accordance with the NHDHHS metrics. I don’t mean to be an alarmist, but this is a very real and close to home reminder of the need to Do Your Part. Our students and staff have been doing an outstanding job of adhering to the safety measures that were put in place when we opened the school year. And although there have been examples around our communities of people labeling others as “COVID Scared,” do know that there are many more people that applaud and appreciate the efforts of being “COVID Smart!”  For our schools, being COVID Smart means to continue being diligent with the Big 4:

  1. Honest Screening
  2. Wearing the Face Covering
  3. Maintaining Distancing
  4. Frequent Hand Hygiene

These four things go a long way in keeping not only our schools as safe as possible, but our communities as well. Thank you to everyone who continues to make those measures a priority! You truly are appreciated!


I am also aware that there is a broad range of belief that our schools should go in one direction or another.  There are some that believe we should be completely onsite and some that believe we should be shutting down and going completely remote.  Neither perception is wrong and neither position will be acceptable to everyone.  The same holds true for any model that is used that is one way or the other, or something in between.  We have stayed true to our core belief in our Comprehensive Opening Plan by not compromising on the health and safety of our students and staff by lessening our safety standards.  And we WILL continue to identify ways to improve.  Reaching out to your child(ren)’s principal(s), teacher(s) and counselor(s) with questions and concerns will help ensure that continued effort in improvement.


Speaking of the continued effort in improvement, tomorrow is our SAU-wide Professional Development Day for staff.  The Professional Development Committee has not only been hard at work bringing high quality training here for our staff to learn and grow from, but also reimagining how it will be delivered in the midst of the pandemic.  They have arranged for timely training in sensitive areas that will stretch our range of emotions and assist our AMAZING staff continue to be just that and to further become more AMAZING.


We will also be announcing this year’s recipient of the Lisa K. Henkel Award for Excellence in Inclusion tomorrow.  The award is given to an SAU29 classroom teacher or teaching team showing particular dedication to the inclusion of students with disabilities. The award includes $2,000 in classroom supplies in memory of Lisa K. Henkel, who worked at Keene State College to adapt learning materials to accommodate blind students in music, mathematics, science, foreign language, and other areas.  Stay tuned for the announcement of this year’s recipient.


Lastly, as our schools and teachers wrap up lessons on the election process, please remember the value in modeling our civic responsibilities to our students.  Demonstrating the importance of going out and voting will help to reinforce that value for generations to come.  I hope you all have a great week and that the forecast continues to hold true.  Stay safe everyone, Do Your Part and please remember that together...WE GOT THIS!


Be Well, 



COVID-19 Data:  Providing all of the COVID-19 data that we have been tracking since the onset of the pandemic back in March, 2020.

  1. NH COVID-19 2020
  2. Cheshire County COVID-19 2020
  3. SAU29 Towns Cumulative COVID-19 Data 2020
  4. SAU29 Towns Current COVID-19 Positives 2020

Do Your Part:  Here are the 7 short videos that were created from the Do Your Part Challenge that was issued to all stakeholders.  A huge thank you to those that participated and we’re looking forward to the next challenge that is issued.


E-Flyer Distribution Program:  As a reminder, there are many flyers that our schools are asked to send home throughout the school year.  We also post these flyers on our website and it can be found by going to this E-Flyer Distribution Program embedded link.


Mental Health & Cultural AwarenessBelow are some resources that may be helpful. 




Reporting AbuseIf you see something, please say something.  You can find guidance on the NH Department of Health and Human Services website.  


Additional Resources:


Meals: Every student in SAU 29 is eligible for FREE breakfast and lunch for each day of school through the USDA until 12/31/2020 or until funds are exhausted.


Hybrid students: All students attending school in person are eligible to receive their free breakfast and lunch at their school on the days they are attending in person.  Families can sign up for three additional days’ worth of meals (6 meals) each week representing the school days that hybrid students are not in school and are learning remotely. If you would like your student to receive those meals for remote days the order form will need to be submitted by Thursday at 5:00pm each week.  Those reserve orders must be picked up on the following Wednesday at the locations requested on the order form.  Please see the link below to fill out the required order form. 


Fully Remote Students: Fully remote families can sign up to get 5 days’ worth of meals (10 meals) each week representing the school days that fully remote students are learning remotely. The order form will need to be submitted by Thursday at 5:00pm each week.  Orders must be picked up the following Wednesday at the selected location.  Please see the link below.


Please note, meals are provided for students only. Please call Keene Food Services at  603-357-9011 with any questions. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.




Special Education: Special Education continues to work very closely with building leaders to ensure that the needs of students with disabilities are met.  As always, please reach out to your child’s special education teacher or building principal with questions.  You can also contact the Student Services Offices at 357-9001 extension 230 or email if you have any questions.  Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.  Thank you!   


Contact Information: Dr. Rick Matte is the lead contact person for all COVID-19 inquiries and concerns at all SAU 29 schools and districts.  He can be reached at


Governor Sununu has also activated a 24-hour COVID-19 hotline for all related needs and supports. The hotline can be reached by dialing 211.


Technology: Teachers, we have installed some software for remote teaching. Currently we have Kami which integrates with Google classroom. Screencastify will let you record your computer screen to share with the class. You can also have your image in the corner of the screen as you record the lesson. EquatIO  Easily add equations, formulas, graphs  to G Suite for Education. It has a scientific calculator, and periodic table charts.


Parents, please make sure you fill in the online registration for your students. It is important to have all the correct information in place.


COVID19 Daily self screening Convenient MD : You can find the links to your students schools here along with videos to help walk you through using the page. 

Technology support during COVID19: Please see the update.


Power School update:

Power school online registration help can be found here

Please remember to fill out the youtube permission form. For KHS and KMS


Help desk number: (603) 352-0640 ext 3871. For help with the Home user and remote learning click here