Friday, 4/16/2021 - SAU29 COVID-19 Update

Good Morning and Happy Friday!


I promise to make this (the 4th) the final update of the week.


There appears to be some level of uncertainty regarding the wearing of face coverings while in our schools now that the statewide mandate issued in November through Emergency Order 74 is set to expire.


To be clear, we issued the following guidance PRIOR to the statewide mandate when we opened our schools in September (updated language in red):

ALL students, staff members and essential visitors SHALL wear a face covering while at school (inclusive of those that have been vaccinated), unless a medically documented accommodation is required.  Each district will make a reusable, washable face covering available for every student and staff member upon request. 

Gaiters, face shields (alone), and face coverings with valves or vents are NOT an acceptable form of face covering for students and staff unless an accommodation supported by medical documentation has been filed and approved by the building administrator.  

Anyone arriving at a school (students, staff, and essential visitors) without a covering will be provided a disposable face covering prior to entry into the building.

This is consistent with the state’s K-12 Back to School Guidance which can be found by visiting NH.Gov and clicking, ironically, the “Safer at Home” tab.  That guidance states, in part:


Each district will need to make decisions regarding the use of cloth face coverings for students, educators and visitors to each facility that are specific to their community.”


With that, the requirement to wear face coverings while at school remains in place.  


While we have had positive cases of COVID-19 reported in our school communities, as reported each Monday, and we have had to quarantine individuals as a result of exposure to a person confirmed with COVID-19, but we still have not had any transmissions reported in any of our buildings.  This is largely because our students, staff and visitors have been incredibly diligent about following the face covering requirements.


We will soon be back to onsite teaching and learning five days per week in ALL of our schools, so I thank you all for your understanding, cooperation and support on this subject. And despite the unseasonal weather this morning, the summer break is within sight!  I hope you have a great weekend and collectively, as a whole...WE GOT THIS!


Be Well,