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About Perkins School

Welcome to the John D. Perkins, Sr. Elementary School

Located in the beautiful town of Marlow, NH. We pride ourselves on being a community that is open and inclusive to all while providing the highest quality standards based learning for ALL students.

The Perkins School Cares

We care about our community and everyone who is involved with it – from its students, to its parents, to its teachers, to the citizens of Marlow. We strive to show kindness and respect every day to each other and to the people we meet.

The Perkins School thinks BIG

Maybe it has to do with the mountain in our backyard or the state highway that runs in front of our school, but we think BIG. There is nothing we cannot do if we put our minds to it. We strive to be the best in all we do and to make our community proud of us. The staff provides rich, meaningful learning opportunities for all students to help them develop their talents and skills. In addition to the rigorous academic program, we also provide classes in art, music, library skills, technology and physical education. The guidance counselor provides a variety of services for students both individually and through the use of small groups. From the beaver pond behind the school, to the community gardens, or the outdoor classroom, teachers use the natural resources on the school campus to engage and motivate students.The school partners with a local outdoor education program to provide the students additional experiences that engage them in problem solving and community building throughout the year.

The Perkins School helps ALL students grow and learn

Students who are identified with learning difficulties are serviced by the special education program. The school receives Title 1 funds which allow students to get additional support in the area of reading and math. In addition, all students participate in WIN (What I Need). Every day students meet in small multi-age groups to focus on reading/math skills providing them with additional support or enrichment as identified through formal and informal assessments.

The Perkins School is a special place

Thank you for visiting our website. The site is one additional tool through which we are able to communicate all the incredible and wonderful things happening at our school. Our vision is that this website will be beneficial to parents, teachers,students, and the community, both locally and globally, as well as to prospective new families who might want to learn more about us.